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How to Recover Photos from Kingston SD Card?

Scenarios 1:
“From yesterday, my Kingston SD card stop working when I connected it to my system. My Windows system says that the card needs to format before you can use it. After that, I checked the properties of the Kingston SD card as it changed its file system to RAW and capacity shows as 0 bytes. I have stored more than 4GB of important data including photos and some office files. Can anyone suggest me how to recover photos from Kingston SD card?”

Scenarios 2:

“I need help!!! When I switch on my digital camera, it indicates me to format the Kingston SD card which I have put in digital camera. I am unable to view and access the files which are saved on it. What should I do now?”

Scenarios 3:

“I have my family photos on my Kingston SD card which I have deleted accidentally from it. They are very much precious for me and I really want to get back them back. Is there any way to recover photos from Kingston SD card?”

Scenarios 4:

“I have 16 GB Kingston SD card in which I have stored memorable photos. Yesterday morning, when I connected Kingston SD card to my system to transfer files, suddenly my system gets shutdown. Later when I turned on my system to transfer remaining files then what I see that all my files which are saved on my Kingston SD get missing. I was shocked to see because it contains my memorable photos. Can anyone know how to perform recovery of photos from Kingston SD card without losing a single file?”

Scenarios 5:

“Last week when I was capturing photos using my digital camera. I was new to the digital camera and I also don’t know the options on my digital camera. While I was using it, I selected “Delete All” option by accidentally and ended up erasing all the photos from my Kingston SD card used in my digital camera. Can anyone suggest me how to restore photos from Kingston SD card?”

Are you worried about how to recover photos from Kingston SD card? Don’t get panic, in such case you can easily get back photos from Kingston SD card with the help of Memory Card Recovery Software with ease. This tool is developed with easy and has user-friendly interface which helps user to operate and retrieve deleted or lost photos from Kingston SD card easily. It has advanced scanning technology which scans the Kingston SD card and recovered photos from Kingston SD card within few mouse clicks. For more details, you can visit this link:

Tips to get rid of Kingston SD card data loss:

  • Don’t shutdown your system while you are transferring photos from Kingston SD card to system.
  • Don’t use Kingston SD card on different devices frequently.
  • Never eject the Kingston SD card abruptly from the system while you transferring files from it or vice-versa.
  • Never delete any files unless you make sure that the file is not needed for future use.
  • Avoid connecting Kingston SD card to virus infected system as it may damage or corrupt your important data which are saved on it.
  • Keep the system free from harmful virus or malware threats by using effective antivirus program.

Features of Memory Card Recovery Software:

  • Use “Save Recovery Session” option of the software to resume the recovery process at any point of time which help you to avoid further rescanning of the entire drive.
  • It supports the recovery of JPG, BMP, JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF, etc. photo file format.
  • It recovers files including photos from various type of memory card such as MMC, Micro SD, Mini SD, CF, XD, SDXC, SDHC, etc. on various versions of Windows operating system.
  • The software also allows you to preview the photos first before you purchase. If you are happy with the results then buy the licensed version of the product to save the recovered photos.
  • Apart from Kingston SD card, it also recovers photos from different brands of SD card such as SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Toshiba, Lexar, Sony, etc.

Steps to Recover Photos From Kingston SD Card:

1: Download and install Memory Card Recovery Software on your computer. Launch the software and connect the Kingston SD card to the computer.Now select "Recover Photos" option from the main page of the software.

How To Recover Photos From Kingston SD Card - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

2: Select the drive of the Kingston SD card and click on "Next" button. Then you can choose the file types to be scanned or you can scan for all files by clicking on "Skip" option. The utility scans the entire Kingston SD card.

Recovery Of Photos From Kingston SD Card- Select xD Picture Card

Fig 2: Select Kingston SD Card

3: Once scanning is over, the files will be displayed on the screen of the utility and can be previewed using "Preview" option. Then you can save the files using "Save" option.

Recover Photos From Kingston SD Card - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data

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